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About Zulla Consulting & Partners


Our Mission & Story

Zulla Consulting & Partners was founded in 2006 by Daniele Zulla, who was inspired by his international career with a leading car manufacturer, and has also held various positions in the management of medium-sized companies. Company headquarters are in Munich, Germany.

We offer coaching and consulting services tailored to our clients’ specific situations, contexts and objectives. We operate according to the highest industry standards and our international network of carefully selected partners lets us operate across a wide range of markets. Our track record in offering tailored consulting services ranges from leading automotive manufacturers to mid-sized packed goods manufacturers.

Having developed highly effective partnerships with well-established consultancy companies throughout the world, Zulla Consulting & Partners can also call upon an extraordinary network, with international experts in a range of various sectors.

We base every coaching project upon core values, which are:

An informed and motivated mindset: we believe that changes can only have a positive effect when all employees involved are effectively motivated and fully understand the reasons for implementation and benefits of the change.

An engaging and interactive approach: by efficiently transferring our expertise, we lay foundations for lasting effects. We do this by collaborating with internal teams to develop effective improvement measures and implementation steps.

Easy-to-use tools: often, improvement measures fail not because they are innately ineffective, but because they are not used in everyday business. Zulla Consulting & Partners implements practical, management-friendly solutions that can be measured:  accurate and regular project monitoring is vital to assure sustainability.

When it comes to successful consulting and business development, our core values are:

Tailor-made and holistic business development strategies: this is particularly applicable when clients are seeking to enter a new market and a thorough business development strategy is required. In partnership with clients, we define and execute strategies with great precision, paving the way for sustainable growth.

Professional and reliable customer and partner research: by professionally and reliably addressing the markets, and having worked closely with our clients to determine an ideal profile, Zulla Consulting & Partners is consistently successful in finding the perfect business match for clients.

An innovative and sustainable customer care process: our highly qualified and dedicated team members strive to provide innovative and sustainable customer care. We understand that an excellent service experience is crucial to the high quality of our business relationships.

What We Do

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The People Behind Zulla Consulting & Partners

Zulla Consulting & Partners Team

Daniele Zulla

Founder & CEO


Antonia Haas

Junior Consultant


Navjot Kaur

Business Development Consultant


Florian Krapf

Digital Strategy Consultant


Julia Mayer

Head of Coaching Development


Andreas Schmidmeier

Business Strategy Analyst

Zulla Consulting & Partners’ internal team forms the essential fundament for serving our many clients across the globe. Through our rather small and lean structure, we are able to give immediate responses to our client’s needs and wants. Furthermore, each member of our team comprises complimentary skills and draws on decades of experience from a variety of industry fields in order to pave the path for the future growth of our clients.

As a family, we not only invest into each individual by means of constant education, workshops or field trips; we are also constantly looking for smart, creative and self-driven leaders to join our team in Regensburg or partner locations. Find out more about our team below:

Our Core Values

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