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It Is Not All About External Communication

Why companies should also focus on internal

Nowadays we are living in an information society. The amount of information doubles all 2-3 years. So it is not enough to just perform great achievements, they must be communicated successfully too. Internal communication ensures that an efficient and regular communication is taking place among management and all employees.

“Internal communication it is not what you say, it is what they hear.”

Well-informed staff is able to identify with the company targets and core values. This helps to increase the satisfaction and corporate loyalty among the workforce. Employees are more dedicated and productive, which leads to an increase in performance and optimisation of internal processes as well as to better reputation and competitiveness on the market.

There will always be a gap between a faultless internal communication, employee satisfaction and the business success. However, all aspects support a well-designed internal communication.

Usually companies put greater focus on the external communication, whereas the communication between the management and the employees or simply among employees often is neglected. This can have a significant impact on the company’s success, especially when a high level of long-term demotivation and dissatisfaction is reached. As employee’s satisfaction on the workplace not only has a great influence on the customers but also on the labour turnover, particular attention should be paid to the respective managers since they are ultimately responsible for the communication and the information transfer. If the employees are dissatisfied with the internal communication and there is a damage of the working environment, an overload or gaps of information can happen.

If the employees are dissatisfied with the internal communication and there is a damage of the working environment, an overload or gaps of information can happen.

„Information and communication mean different things… information is giving out, communication is getting through and who does not communicate will lose.“

It is crucial that the managers communicate the right information to the right recipients by using the right tools. Utmost priority should be given to an efficient communication of duties and responsibilities. They should also raise awareness about the importance of internal communication and how it can impact on the competitiveness of the company, in the long-term. Zulla Consulting & Partners has

Zulla Consulting & Partners has great strategic foresight and multiple years of experience in developing consulting and coaching concepts about internal communication culture. We build tailor-made solutions on a wide series of methods and best practices. We will analyse the current internal communication in your company and offer tailored and sustainable concepts and strategies, including coaching to enhance your daily business in the long run.

For additional information and an initial consultation, feel free to contact Daniele Zulla at zulla@zulla-consulting.com.


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