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Coaching – The Black Sheep Turning Gold

Whereas coaching was quite unknown (in business) twenty years ago, now it’s gaining more and more importance, as it can pose as a decisive factor for creating a competitive advantage.

Before outlining the benefits of professional business coaching, we would like to clarify a popular fallacy, namely the simultaneous reference of the terms coaching and training.

Training or Coaching

In general, training represents a typical school situation: one person (teacher or trainer) explains a concept to an audience. The main objective of training is to transmit information and/or to explain how something works. The degree of interaction and interactivity is quite low and is usually limited to asking questions if a concept isn’t clear. A typical example would be technical product training. In contrast, coaching doesn’t have concreted guidelines, but it elaborates coaching contents and improvement measures together with the participants, the so-called

In contrast, coaching doesn’t have concreted guidelines, but it elaborates coaching contents and improvement measures together with the participants, the so-called coachees. Coaching is characterized by a high degree of interaction that is aimed to create motivation and emotional involvement.

Choosing the Right Approach

However, that does not mean, that one approach is better or more important than the other. Quite the contrary, often both approaches go hand in hand and ideally complement each other.

I want to give you an example: your company is planning to improve the resource planning process. For this purpose, amongst others, a new planning software will be introduced.

Obviously a profound technical training concerning the new system will be indispensable in order to guarantee that every concerned employee knows how to use it properly.

For the team though, a new system means a big change in their already familiar process and their ordinary working day. As it has been proven, changes can create a feeling of mistrust, refusal and even anxiety. In contrast to the rational training, coaching therefore aims to consider emotional factors, too. During coaching, benefits of the new resource planning process are elaborated together – hence benefits for both, the company and the employees. It is strongly recommended that different individuals (by position, age, experience in the company etc.) are working together. This implies that dozens of opinions, wishes and concerns can arise and that will lead – even if sometimes in conjunction with tough discussions – to the best solution for the whole company.

Furthermore, by being involved in the development process, employees get the opportunity to actively shape the process and to shift from merely recipients to co-creators for their company’s future. These factors can have an incredible impact on motivation and emotional ties towards the company.

Prospects for the Future

As mentioned at the beginning, coaching services are more and more requested by all kind of companies around the globe. They all have one goal in common: preparing themselves or their companies for future challenges, such as digitalization, industry 4.0 or globalization in general.

When we at Zulla Consulting & Partners are entrusted with a coaching request, we always search for holistic and sustainable solutions, which are embedded in a tailor-made company strategy and vision.

For this purpose, we start our coaching by identifying the status quo and recognizing individual strong and weak points. Together with the coachees we define a realistic and motivating target situation and identify specific (improvement) measures in order to reach the goal.

We create an open and inspiring atmosphere where participants are on par with each other. Interactive workshops and exercises provide the ideal framework for creative thinking and animated brainstorming.

We’re convinced that ‘two heads are better than one’ and that every employee – no matter if it is the CEO at an international company or operator in a warehouse – can make a decisive contribution for a company. In order to be sustainably successful and prepared for future challenges you have to know your company with all respective processes and perspectives.

We really would like to accompany you and build the path for a successful future together with you.

For additional information and an initial consultation, feel free to contact Daniele Zulla at zulla@zulla-consulting.com.


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